The One Pound at a Time Weight Loss Club with Coach, Rachel Seay

Making the decision to lose the unwanted weight should not be done because you hate your current body or are mad at yourself. It should be about embracing where you are currently at and throughout your transformation, while being kind to yourself in the process because one day you will find a place where you feel at peace and only you will know what that point is. My role as your coach is to lead you by creating a safe space for accountability, helping you work on your confidence by loving and embracing your body, and showing you what you are capable of both physically and mentally when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Each week we will discover new pieces to the puzzle and create consistent systems in your life that set you up for success. And the best part is you will be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded people who are on similar journeys. I invite you to join us from the comfort of your home and invest the time into building a healthy mindset around your body, your health, and your well-being. This is an on-going month to month program that I believe will be around for years to come. I invite anyone who has a weight loss goal to join and celebrate your successes along the way. If you have reached your goal and need the support to keep the weight off, you are welcome to be part!

  • On-Going Month to Month Support

  • In-Studio & Online Weigh-ins

  • Weekly LIVE Online Coaching Support

  • 365 Weight Loss Challenge

  • Educational Online Workshops

  • Community Support

  • Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Program

  • Accountability & Consitency

  • Release 10, 20, 30, 50 + Pounds

  • Mindset Workshops

Monthly Membership

Includes taxes

Rachel's Story

Benefits of the Program

We know that releasing unwanted weight can feel overwhelming and hard, so we are here to help you work through the challenges to create consistency. Here are a few things we will work on together:

  • Create a positive narrative to change old beliefs

  • Learn how to create motivation in a simple way

  • Learn how to reduce the overwhelm of weight loss

  • Work through the fears of both failure and success

  • Learn how to create time for you to stay consistent

  • Strengthen habit building to create accountability

  • Learn how to keep the weight off

  • Being surrounded by a supportive and fun community

LIVE Online Weight Loss Coaching Session Each Week

Every Monday at 830pm

The key to healthy weight loss is consistency and that is why people can benefit immensely from a session of coaching session each week. There is a new topic each week that Rachel will present and then a follow-up coaching session as to where you are at and what to focus on for the week. Rachel, a certified fitness professional, educator, and coach for the past 25 years will help you find strategies to stay focused, work on mindset tools to work through old belief patterns, and cover a wide variety of topics from nutrition to self-worth to fitness and more! Rachel has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals and she is excited to help you!

Coach Rachel Seay

Educator and Certified Fitness Leader/Professional

Who the heck am I and why did I create this program? Well first, as you can see by the photos, I am about as real as they get. No need for glam shots here. This is simply a photo to show that I have been there and I am still working towards my final weight loss goals. I created this program because weight loss alone is hard and I wanted a program where I can help people feel supported day after day but also challenged to step out of their comfort zones to see changes. As far as education - my specialties are in Kinesiology from UBC, Holistic Nutrition from the Alive Academy, 25 years of coaching with the BCRPA, and 20 years as an Educator in Group Fitness with the BCRPA, and the proud owner of Inner Fit Studios since 2007. I come to you well-educated, but more importantly - I come to you with empathy because I have been the person in the airplane that had to ask for a seatbelt extender. I know what it feels like to be constantly rejected in the dating scene because I don't look the part and only be good enough to be the "friend." I know what shame feels like and my only goal is to help people never feel that pain. Whether you want to release 10 lbs or 200 lbs, I understand what it feels like to want to change and we are going to make that happen together. So let's sign up and have some fun. And even if I don't get to meet you in person, getting to know you online will still allow me to help you get there!


Lost 80+ Pounds

"Rachel has created a fabulous online program that can be done live or you can do the recordings at your convenience. The online program has been a savior for me during the closures both mentally and physically, plus it has helped me to drop over 80+ pounds since January 2021. I’m so grateful that I found Rachel, her studio, and her community as it has changed my life and love for fitness. Thank you!"

Each Month We Provide

  • Weekly LIVE Coaching

    Includes a LIVE Online Group Coaching session each week to help you stay consistent, motivated, and accountable. All sessions will be recorded and posted.

  • 365 Challenge

    We know that successful weight loss comes with consistency and we can help you get started with a 365 challenge, which helped Rachel and many others reach their weight loss goals.

  • Community Support

    Connect with like-minded people on similar journeys to share your successes with and support each other along the way. We often underestimate the power of support but being able to share, celebrate, connect, and have a place to turn to help!

  • Weekly Weigh-ins

    Accountability when it comes to weight loss begins with the scale. By focusing on one pound at a time, the scale will become a rewarding experience. We weigh in each Sunday and members privately submit their weight on the dashboard. In-Studio and Online Weigh-ins every Saturday at 815am.

  • Accountability

    An accountability partner is a trusted companion who helps you make progress toward a commitment you have made to yourself and that is what your coach and your community will provide each week. We will also help you strengthen your self-accountability too!

  • Weight Loss Coaching

    Weight loss begins with the right mindset, continues with the right food decisions, and ends with believing you can do it. Coaching will be a key tool in your success. Coaching keeps you accountable, consistent, and motivated to keep going and will be helpful when you get to your goal weight to keep the weight off.

Release the Weight

It's Time ...

Each of us has dreams that can be left unrealized because of the weight. Maybe you have always loved hiking but the weight makes it too hard. Maybe traveling is a passion but you fear airplane seats. It's time to stop letting the weight interfere with what will ultimately bring you joy. This program has been created for any individual regardless of age, gender, or ability who knows it's time to release the weight that is stopping them from attaining their bliss.


"Training with Rachel has helped me lose weight, make great muscle gains, and become more educated about fitness. Lifting weights with Inner Fit makes me feel positive, focused, energized, while giving me the accountability piece I need to be successful. Rachel and the community at Inner Fit are really fun and the results keep me coming back. Highly recommend!"


Lost 60 lbs

"Who would have guessed when I walked into Inner Fit 10 years ago that I’d be in it for the long haul? But here I am today, still going strong. Inner Fit has certainly lived up to my hopes and then some. Rachel has created programs where everyone feels welcome is pushed to their own limits and is cheered on by all. What started as a short-term goal has turned into a life-long change, as I can’t even imagine a week without attending several Inner Fit workouts. Even during this time of COVID, Inner Fit has been an ongoing lifeline of normalcy. Rachel has created a supportive, energetic, welcoming, dynamic, life-changing fitness center, and community where people encourage each other. If you’re wondering if I should join, stop wondering and try it out. You’ll be glad you did!"

Monthly Membership

Includes taxes


  • Do I have to be an Inner Fit Member?

    No, this program is Coaching with Rachel and she has opened it up to anyone with a goal of weight loss and feeling better about themselves.

  • How does the monthly membership pricing work?

    Each month you will be charged your membership fee. It is the rate you signed up at and only changes if you cancel and rejoin.

  • What if I cannot make the LIVE Coaching Sessions?

    All our sessions are pre-recorded and will be available in the dashboard for 7 days following the coaching session.

  • Is this for guys too?

    Of course! We are gender-neutral, meaning this is for all individuals who have a goal to release unwanted weight and are looking for accountability, support, and consistency.

  • How much weight do people lose?

    Weight loss is unique to each person. Those who release the weight are the ones who make it happen by scheduling their coaching sessions and staying consistent which is way easier when you are in a program like this.

  • What if I hate the scale and don't want to weigh-in?

    A scale is an accountability tool in your weight loss journey, it does not define your worth. Ultimately it is up to you. However, as a coach for the past 25 years, in every one of my hundreds of success stories the person weighed themselves at least once a week, those who did not, did not see the same success.

  • What if I have reached my weight loss goal and I am in the maintenance phase?

    This program is great for you too because staying accountable and consistent will keep the weight off long-term.

  • Is this a diet program?

    HELL to the HARD NO! As a coach, I do not believe in diet programs. They destroy people's metabolisms and cause havoc on your hormones. I will teach you about food, how to make good choices but still enjoy your life, and create a new way of thinking about food for the long term. If you are looking to lose weight fast scheme - this is not it and we will not be a good fit. If you are looking for long-term success, this is it!

  • What if I would like to cancel?

    We never hold anyone to a contract or obligation because we only want people who are excited to be part of the program. If you decide to cancel, you simply log in to your account and cancel your subscription. You will no longer be able to access your dashboard.

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